Go on a frenzy and smash eggs on whoever/whatever you want without any of the mess.

Once satisfied with your 'art', snap a picture and post it to Facebook or Twitter from the phone's Gallery.

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If you thought you were a wiz at match making... Now's your chance to prove it.

Use both cupids on the screen to fling arrows at the hearts to bring together as many relationships as possible.

Make sure to hit the male hearts with the female qpid and the female hearts with the male qpid.

Aim well before firing the arrows, after all, you don't want to break any relationships apart!

Don't forget to post your relationship-making skills online when you're done, and check them out here.

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You want to prove that you've been good to Santa so you get lots of gifts this year?

Well, here's your chance, help your family by catching all the falling Christmas ornaments (decorations) and put them into their respective bag. Be careful not to let any of them drop.

For every ornament that is not caught a star on th e tree turns off. Grab as many as possible before all 5 turn off.

Don't forget to send Santa the letter when you're done :)

PS: Beware of bombs!

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Teach your kids the English alphabet in a fun and enjoyable way.

Your kid would tap the bubbles that contain the right letter in the correct alphabetical order and a picture/word combination will be displayed and pronounced to enhance the learning experience.

Proven to be a very desirable game for kids.

Also for older kids, they would enjoy simply popping bubbles like crazy, and there's a level for that.

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LearnDerbakeh and Derbakeh

Learn to play the Derbakeh by tapping in different places to get different sounds according to the tutorials provided.

The Derbakeh has two sounds a Doum and a Tak.

You can read more about the Derbakeh here.

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The Zalghouta is a physical skill involving the throat and the tongue and is mostly used in weddings and/or other joyful occasions.

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SwingMe and SwingMe-Lite

Test your swing strength. It's very simple, press the play ball, and swing your phone AFTER the whistle and it will tell you how fast your swing was in kilometers per hour and miles per hours.

Post your scores online, try to become #1 in your country and in the world!

To view your scores click here

Use of a cord is recommended :)

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A fun way to learn the alphabet, the QWERTY keyboard, and increase your reflexes.

Type the alphabet as fast as you can by touching the letter on the on-screen keyboard which corresponds to the big letter shown on screen.

Choose the theme that best fits your mood while playing the game.

Post your scores online and see how the rest of the world is doing here.

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